11 Ways to Optimize For Yahoo

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Yahoo contributes nearly one-fourth of the online traffic and as such is the second major source for online sales. Taking this point into consideration, it becomes necessary to know what all to consider for the optimization of the website in Yahoo, and how to get your website in the top results in Yahoo Search Engine Listings. First let us understand how Yahoo Search Results work.

Yahoo Search Engine Ranking Algorithm gives main emphasis on the following

  • the title of the page
  • the description
  • the web page text
  • the links to the page

As such it is necessary to have very very accurate and relevant Meta Titles, Meta Description etc for the web page optimized for Yahoo. I am listing some of the important ways to optimize for Yahoo, here we are

11 Ways to Optimize for Yahoo

  1. To get started submit your site to Yahoo, requires registration.
  2. Sign in to Yahoo! Site Explorer mysites to see how your website in performing in Yahoo.
  3. Find out the important keywords relevant to the business and list/use then in the page appropriately.
  4. The title of the page should be in accordance with the concept of the website.
  5. Use the description tag and make sure to write an accurate description of the page. After title, description is the most important tag to draw users to the site.
  6. Use a distinct list of keywords in the keyword tag that relate to the specific page.
  7. Yahoo focuses on placing the relevant text and links in HTML rather than in images, as it is difficult sometimes.
  8. Using ALT for graphics, it helps improve the text content of your page for search purposes.
  9. Develop links for your website, with the other related website. Yahoo strictly adheres to not considering the link farms for increasing the page rank for the site.
  10. An HTML Sitemap, which helps in getting all the other links of the website crawled.
  11. Yahoo provides Search Resources for Webmasters which helps in the proper optimizing and indexing of the website.

So why not optimize your website for Yahoo when you can get more juice in terms of additional traffic provided by it.

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11 Ways to Optimize For Yahoo

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This article was published on 2010/04/04