Ingenious Creation - Samsung LCD TV With Yahoo Widget

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Samsung once again proves that they are the leading LCD television brand with the latest model to add to their successful LCD TV lineup. Now, Samsung is ready to launch a whole new range of Liquid Crystal Display televisions with the addition of LED backlight and Yahoo Widgets. Let's take a look at how the brand managed to come up with this idea.

Introduction of the Yahoo Widget service for television has been surprising, but as we have thought, Samsung is the brand that was able to apply such technology into our everyday televisions.

The application of the LED backlit system made the LCD televisions produce richer colors and deeper blacks. Likewise, it made televisions to appear much lighter and thinner compared to the traditional ones with cold cathode fluorescent lamps. Along with this, the introduction of Yahoo Widgets made the new LCD TV models more appealing to the consumers.

Such Yahoo Widget capability can access different sources from a broadband connection. Consumers can read Yahoo news and access Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Weather, and even YouTube and Flickr. There is also an option for the user to go online and add more widgets like Twitter.

This latest innovation is different from the usual technology applied to LCD televisions that have been around for years. Users can personalize their television programming. Multitasking is also encouraged as you can watch sports while checking the weather. No interruption will be observed.

The remote control can also function for the widgets to let you control which site to visit or turn the connectivity on and off. The Samsung LE40B650 is one of Samsung's LCD televisions with this kind of technology. Just plug an Ethernet cable to this 40 inch flat screen, configure network settings, and the widgets dock on the left side of the screen will be launched.

Speculations say that Samsung's LCD TV with LED Backlit and Yahoo Widget technology will be released with a $3000 price tag. Other television manufacturers are also considering their own line of LCD televisions with the Yahoo Widget feature.

This may be a good additional to the excellent features of LCD televisions, but loading should still be improved. Slow loading and navigation are observed and users may find this too time consuming. But overall, this is still a good feature that consumers will surely enjoy.

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Ingenious Creation - Samsung LCD TV With Yahoo Widget

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This article was published on 2010/03/31