Just Where Did it Not Work for Yahoo?

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Yahoo has been lost for the past couple of years. Since losing ground in the search engine industry, it's floundered in the wilderness, not fully sure what to do or precisely how to boost revenue. The latest reports indicate Yahoo is on the verge of being bought has elevated share prices although in the event that the buyout strategy will not proceed, just what may come to be of the once dominating Internet giant?

Yahoo now has a small fraction of queries generated on the web. Google is without doubt the undisputed search engine used by enormous amounts of users. In an area which was once slightly over loaded, web users are now largely left with a handful of dedicated search engines to select from. Besides Google and Yahoo there is currently Bing (Microsoft's offering), Ask and AOL. Search engines from yesteryear are now gathering dust. In reality, Yahoo and Bing's combined share of the market is nonetheless dwarfed by Google.

Nonetheless, this is simply one factor of to Yahoo's difficulties. Yahoo was dominant on an Internet where nobody functioned like Google. Google's search engine strength relies on the fact it's focused on simplicity. Google just does search, and it does search really well. It additionally offers many other services and yet the search result pages are not cluttered with it. Yahoo continues to adopt a portal website format similar to a lot of its competitors that have dropped by the way side. Customers seem to prefer simplified layouts and designs. But, this is not to imply that people want a lesser amount of features. As Google has clearly proven, there is a large demand regarding plenty of unique functions such as email, galleries, news and so forth. Yet crucially what Google has excelled in is supplying a variety of different functions but staying simple.

This is not to say that Yahoo is just about to shut down. Competition benefits business and as long as Yahoo is interested in the search engine industry then it will still get used. What Yahoo needs to do is reflect on its business focus. It may discover that it must significantly reposition itself in the market to stay relevant. It might go after the sought after social network industry, although it might be far too demanding to overthrow the likes of Facebook. Rather, Yahoo may wish to generate a brand new niche market.

Rethinking itself as a utility with numerous various features might possibly be being the answer. Yahoo could choose to provide online bookmarking (to save all your bookmarks online) and a piece of password software (to store passwords). Along with the My Yahoo website and search service, it would certainly cement itself as an online utility and provide users features not offered by some other sites. These may well be the functions that Yahoo requires to climb from the ashes.

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Just Where Did it Not Work for Yahoo?

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This article was published on 2010/10/18