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In Fuzhou, the work of a foreign trade company in China recently opened XIAO Bi Yahoo home page ready to enter the mailbox and found some changes, China has become colorful up Yahoo home page, the content has also increased considerably, which caused her to stay at home for some time and open some pages of interest. Before that's a long time, she only entered the China Yahoo mail?? Engaged in foreign trade career closer to her accustomed to foreigners not used to contact Yahoo mail customer. XIAO Bi-change is the new president of Yahoo Shuai want to see, he is leading gateway to China, return to the ranks of Yahoo.

Yahoo China's reincarnation 2009 8 months, is responsible for public relations vice president of Alibaba Group, Shuai, was transferred to a paper palette Yahoo China office, a Yahoo into China 10 years as President 8. Shuai senior media background and origin played a high profile media strategy Alibaba coincide. Yahoo China, in 10 years, finally returning to the media hung out the flag. An industry source said the value of the portal Alibaba Group regain recognition.

When Ma to the helm of Yahoo China to Defeat the time, "Taobao World" is available in the Alibaba Group's big Taobao throw the road map, the media strategy was re-given responsibility Alibaba.

Then the determination of Yahoo China in the end be? Media reports bluntly Yahoo China's position in the Department of embarrassed Ali, Alibaba is to provide Electronic Business transactions, service providers, and its B2B supplier of business services, retail services, Taobao, Alipay service for the trading session, Ali cloud provides the computing power and data information services. China Yahoo? No one can tell us clearly.

However, it seems people forget that when Ali, the system becomes sufficiently large enough to complex time, it needs a display image window, a public opinion in their position can be controlled, not only for Alibaba's major strategic services, is real corporate strategy. China's Internet is a great lakes.

Shuai once said, "Yahoo has no shortage of strategies, they lack is the practical attitude and resolute implementation. Must let Yahoo swing out strategies for the portal into the company's long-term media strategy." Shuai's office ceremony no grand conference, no champagne and cocktails, this and the practice inherent in Alibaba, but the new official Shuai not silence, in November 2009, Alibaba Group and Xinhua News Agency Cooperation To jointly build China Yahoo News, sounded the clarion call of domestic first-class portal.

Where the capital to turn around and lie?

Redo the media capital, China Yahoo, the number? Shuai have outside that Alibaba, businessmen also need to see news, local information, according to data update Taobao consumer information, together with Ma as the shareholders of Huayi Brothers, a lot of star artists can be moved Entertainment lace, these three aspects of the future where the Chinese capital to turn around Yahoo.

4 the end of Yahoo China to join hands Louis? Bu Luoen Media Group jointly announced the first domestic portal arts channel. Yahoo China is clearly want to retain more high-end users to read. At present, China's development more than six months after Yahoo, already in the industry has achieved great influence. Car Channel Continuous coverage of the last year and this year in Beijing, Guangzhou International Auto Show, manufacturers and users to build an advanced information platform car. Entertainment Channel and South have been strong combination press, integrate their resources and jointly develop the ability entertainment coverage. Recently, Yahoo launched a Chinese science and technology channel. China Yahoo is positioning the channel TMT industry news, focusing on Internet, media and telecommunications, the industry field. On the line just a few days, it attracted a lot of media attention chase. Many industry figures have opened up a column in science and technology channel, overnight, Yahoo China has set up and interact with industry peers bridge, opened up a wider field of vision.

The competitive battle 10 years, a transmigration. Into China in the first 10 years, China has Yahoo chosen zero return, but the difficulty of the return road to more than 10 years ago has been far, China has formed a pattern of four doors. Of 10 years, Yahoo's younger generation are the original speed running, still no progress on the Chinese Yahoo is concerned, it has retreated.

According to report, Yahoo China's goal this year is the amount of information hits per day and 60 million times, the station's daily discharge 1.5 billion, this data is now Sina 1.3 billion. This year in June, Yahoo, based in Beijing established a new research and development centers, announced that Yahoo is not the slightest relationship with China, and Alibaba also stressed that the research and development center shall not engage in Internet business. Shuai placed in front of the road exceptionally difficult, but everyone has been waiting for his answers.

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Yahoo China To Return To Competitive Uncertainty Portal

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This article was published on 2010/09/27